5 Most common nightmares faced by renters-How to avoid them

5 Most common nightmares faced by renters-How to avoid them

People become renters either by choice while circumstances force others. Whatever your reason is there are some challenges that every tenant encounters. Here are the most common nightmares that you are likely to face as a tenant and how you can overcome them.

Noisy neighbors

Renting does not give you the much-desired privacy. You are likely to encounter various types of neighbors. Some are nice; others weird while there are those that are always noisy. Your neighbour might be the kind that always has parties and loud music.

Trying to talk to them to keep the noise down might work. If it doesn’t, speak to the landlord to come up with a solution. You can also consider using sound cancelling techniques such as noise reducing curtains, wallpapers or even white noise machines. They will reduce the noise depending on its magnitude. Alternatively, if you prefer a tranquil environment, you can find a rental with zero tolerance for noise

Unsolicited eviction

Sometimes even if you adhere with all the rules and regulations in your renting agreement your landlord might still ask you to vacate without notice. They will give you vague reasons leaving you with no option but to vacate. To be safe, make sure you sign a rental agreement with your landlord which should include eviction procedure. You should know your rights as a tenant. The tenant Rental Control Acts protects the tenants from untimely eviction.

Deposit woes

For the protection of the landlord, tenants are required to pay a deposit which sometimes is not part of the rent. Some landlords ask for massive deposits that sometimes are not affordable to the common man. Your deposit is used for the cost of repairs to damages you make as a tenant. You should get back your deposit when you decide to move to another place.

To avoid getting overcharged for the repairs you should keep a record of all of them for comparison with the landlord. If your deposit is not returned to you, you can file a lawsuit against your neighbors. You can also do your research and find rentals that treat against pest infestation annually limiting the chance of having pests.

Pest’s infestation

It is one of the most prevalent problems among tenants. To avoid this menace, you should keep your home clean. However, pests like rats require collaboration with all the neighbors. Removing them from your house alone will not work since they will come back from your neighbour’s home. If pest’s infestation becomes worse, you should report the matter to your landlord. The landlord should hire an exterminator to remove the pests a process that should be conducted at least once in a year.


You should always feel safe wherever you live. Being a tenant means living in a community with different people who you do not know. Also, you might find your doors and windows are damaged and are not lockable.

To be on the safe side, always double check your doors and windows to make sure they are secure before you rent. You can also get extra security by having an alarm system installed.